In a remarkable display of unity and purpose, Uplift Solutions joined forces with State Representative Ronnie Green (D, district 190), The Promise (powered by the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey) Community Legal Services, and esteemed organizations like Mothers in Charge to organize a transformative record clearing event at Christlike Pleasant Green Faith Baptist Church in Philadelphia on October 7th, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This groundbreaking initiative aims to provide individuals with a fresh start, eradicating barriers that have hindered them and offering a path toward a brighter future. Notably, the event also involves the benevolent participation of Country Cookin’, a local eatery renowned for its heartwarming flavors.

This event attracted an overwhelming response from the community, with hundreds of individuals eagerly seeking the opportunity to expunge their records and gain a new lease on life. The event, held at the Christlike Pleasant Green Faith Baptist Church, emerged as a haven for hope and progress, with activities and amenities for all ages. Among the highlights were face painting, popcorn, and cotton candy, captivating the spirits of both the youth and adults present.

Speaking about the collaboration President/CEO of Uplift Solutions Atif Bostic expressed gratitude for all the partners collaborating to me this event a meaningful endeavor. “I have always been deeply committed to the upliftment of our community,” Atif explained.

The record clearing event showcased the powerful impact of collaboration, demonstrating an unwavering belief in the potential for change and second chances. Through the efforts of these dedicated community leaders, individuals burdened by past mistakes were granted an opportunity to start afresh and rebuild their lives. The program, supported by Uplift and Country Cookin’, offers not only expungement services but also much-needed sustenance, with each participant receiving a complimentary meal from the renowned eatery.

“I am glad you all picked me to partner for this event, Y’all know I am all about the community, ” said Founder Saudia Shuler from Country Cookin’.” By providing nourishment alongside opportunities for record expungement, we hope to motivate and keep people inspired because it kills your drive/ambition when you have a record and multiple jobs continue to turn you down. We added an extra layer of support and encouragement to those willing to embark on a transformative journey.”

With overwhelming participation and resounding success, the joint efforts of Uplift Solutions, Representative Ronnie Green (D, district 190), The Promise (powered by the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey), Community Legal Services, and community partners have reaffirmed the power of unity and compassion. This program aims to remove the shackles of the past, enabling individuals to overcome the obstacles that have impeded their progress and realize their full potential.