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We deeply believe success is buried within each of us. It is our job to help those we serve, recognize and unlock it.


Workforce Solutions is Uplift Solutions workforce development training program launched in May 2017 to alleviate poverty by addressing social deficits and access to employment in under-served communities. The Uplift Workforce Solutions program is designed to provide formerly-incarcerated and like-situated individuals an opportunity to gain long-term employment through the remediation of negative thought patterns, poor decision making and bad habits. The program is built on the foundation of life skills training with a progression into technical skills training. Uplift maintains engagement with program participants through its case management personnel for a period of three years.

Participants are required to complete a six-week, two-part training program that includes life and technical skills. The first phase of the program focuses on remediating negative thought patterns, poor decision making, and bad habits. Simultaneously, participants develop the skills necessary to self-evaluate and self-correct; how to effectively work with others; and how to effectively resolve conflict.

In the second phase of the program participants transition to an employer-informed simulated training. During this phase participants learn exceptional customer service and sales training; and receive simulated training on the actual systems and equipment they will use during employment. During this time, participants have the opportunity to role-play newly learned behaviors.

Returning citizens are skeptical and apprehensive about their opportunities and the intentions of the systems and people they are returning to. Entry into the program begins with a comprehensive assessment of the individual to understand their unique circumstances and needs. Once understood, the Workforce team work with the individual to develop an individualized plan to address any barriers to successful completion of the program, transition to work, and long-term success.
Case Managed Connected Services
Uplift does not provide direct service in the areas of adult education (GED or equivalent), public benefits, housing, and childcare. These services are considered Case-Managed Connected Services that are outsourced to appropriate partners. Uplift has standing relationships with multiple organizations in each area to provide direct referrals. When a referral is made the case advisor will monitor the progress on attaining the required service and intervene when necessary.
Employer Engagement
Employer engagement is critical to the success of the program. Uplift actively recruits employers, provides guidance on employing re-entering citizens, and works with them to develop the infrastructure to support their new employees. Additionally, Uplift works with employers to design its curriculum and technical skills training specific to their organizations; ultimately delivering employees prepared to work on day one.


The program provides both hard and soft skills through a combination of classroom instruction, hands on experience, and on-the-job support. Participants are required to complete an entrance survey that will inform the classroom instruction relative to life-skills training and social-services support.

Partners in Training

This program is designed to provide formerly-incarcerated individuals underlying life-skills training.


This program gives essential guidance to participants.

Employment Readiness

Participants gain valuable skills to aid in the job search process.


Our CDL course provides a wealth of knowledge to the participants.


Participants gain skills and techniques to help in their career.

Food For Thought

This group provides a safe and non-judgmental space for men to engage in open discussions.

Alumni Association

The Association serves as a dedicated community and society where we can stay connected and maintain our sense of belonging.

Same Day Work Program

Program runs four days per week for three weeks.

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Workforce Solutions Highlights

Workforce Solutions Employer Partners

Program Funders

Workforce Solutions Advisory Board

  • Keir Bradford-Grey, Chief Defender at Defender Association of Philadelphia 
  • Cecily Bradford-Jones, Chief Operating Officer at Families Forward Philadelphia
  • Kevin Brown, Senior Vice President at Premier Medical Products
  • Michelle Brown, Trinity Health
  • Nate Carr, Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church
  • Sarita McCants, Citizens Bank
  • Joanna McClinton, State Representative at The State of Pennsylvania 
  • Sister Cathy Nerney, Institute for Forgiveness at Chestnut Hill College
  • Dr. Nikia Owens, Managing Director at United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
  • Shana Salley-MacMillian, Founder and Board Chair of Black Women Give Foundation