noun: feasibility-the state or degree of being easily or conveniently done.

“the feasibility of a manned flight to Mars”

Building a new grocery store is about as difficult as sending a man to Mars.  That is where Uplift comes in. We know that there is no-one size fits all.  Careful consideration and an in-depth study could make or break the success of your investment.

Uplift believes that food access in underserved communities can become the anchor to fulfill community needs and ensure consistent access to fresh, affordable food.

New supermarket and co-operative development, especially in food deserts, is fraught with complex issues and nuance that go far beyond a layman’s understanding.  Retaining a technical assistance and strategic planning service like Uplift can make your project work.  But why? To start: we always do a comprehensive retail grocery feasibility study.

We love strategic city mapping, demographic information, city revitalization proposals, public health assessments, and grocery leakage numbers – but they cannot tell you by themselves whether a proposed food access solution will work.  We perform a feasibility study so that you can have the essential information to plug into the larger information that you have, whether it is something listed above or something entirely different.

A comprehensive retail grocery feasibility study will tell you what the sales volume potential is, what your competitors are doing, whether your proposed development will be close to the industry average for sales per square foot, and more. Not only is this the correct language to attract a grocery operator, but it is the information we need to teach a new operator how to be profitable.

You want to know what the problems in your city are that have led to a food desert, and so do we – but doing a feasibility study in addition to collecting other information lets us get down to brass tacks:  Can this community support this store, so that this community has sustainable food access for a long time?  Let’s find out together!

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