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I grew up thinking that eating meat and potatoes for every meal was the definition of a healthy diet.  As I got older, the pounds quickly packed on and I felt tired and sluggish.  Today, I’m re-learning the real meaning of eating balanced meals.

I’ve recently come on board as the Communication Manager at UpLift.  I quickly learned America is sick.  Very sick.  40% of us are overweight, 50% are on cholesterol medications. And we spend over 2 trillion annually on health care.  And even though we spend massive amounts of money on ‘health care’, over 1 million Americans are killed each year by heart disease and cancer.  Even still, ⅓ of people born in the U.S. today will develop diabetes during their lifetime. These numbers are even worse if you live in a low-income community with no access to healthy food.

UpLift’s Director of Health Innovation, Victoria Della Rocca RD, LDN preaches the notion that food is medicine. Just imagine—food as medicine.  Can chronic diseases be controlled or even be reversed just by eating the right foods?   Victoria and the team of dietitians at UpLift promote healthy lifestyles and provide nutritional education that is making a difference.

Thomas Edison said–“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

Now is the best time for you to load up on in-season fresh fruits and vegetables.  Red, blue, yellow and the entire rainbow of bright colored fruits and veggies provide amazing health benefits.  We call it —Colored Foods Matter.

Anthocyanins are responsible for red and purple colors in foods can help keep your mind sharp.

Lycopene that turns watermelon and tomatoes red may also help prevent certain types of cancers.

Beta carotene that makes carrots and sweet potatoes orange can help keep your bones strong, your eyes healthy and boost your immune system.

Eat your (Greens):
List several different green fruits and vegetables: Spinach, Kiwi, Avocado, Kale, Broccoli
There are various green fruits and vegetables that can lower cholesterol, help prevent certain cancers, boost your immune system, and stabilize blood sugars.

Red fruits and vegetables have anti-inflammatory effects and can help reduce blood pressure.

Stay tuned this month as the UpLift health solution staff will continue talking about how Colored foods matter. Join our Facebook Group page —Health Bites with Health Solutions.  We’ll have tips, interesting information and recipes you can use every day.

Having access to fresh and healthy food is a fundamental right for everyone. Yet over 23 million Americans live in areas without supermarkets or other places where they can access fresh, nutritious foods. The problem may not lie solely with food accessibility; it could also be due to people’s shopping and eating habits.  Health and nutrition education will lead to a healthier America.

Audrey Fish – UpLift Communications Manager

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