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Mercy Career & Technical High School students develop an award-winning concept.

Westville, NJ April 11, 2017– “I was so worried about being full, I never thought about being well nourished.” – Shadira Russell is a Mercy Career & Technical High School Junior Business Student

More than 20% of Philadelphia residents are food insecure. Families living in underserved communities have limited or no access to fresh and health food. Meals are more likely to contain process food loaded with fat, sugar and salt which translates into nutrient poor diets. Healthy food access is a national issue with over 40 million Americans living in food insecure households. It’s these restrictions that have resulted in an epidemic of health-related issues which include increased cases of diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Mercy Career & Technical High School Junior Business Students are teaming up with Uplift, a national non-profit which focuses on food insecurity. Together, they are developing a prototype that promotes the following:

– Healthy Eating Educational Resources

– Establishment of a network of local and sustainable produce growers

– Creation of sustainable food baskets that are affordable and biodegradable which serve the dual purpose of a planter for home gardening in the future

Mercy Career & Technical High School students Shadira Russell ,Chase Kelsey, Tho Tran won $1,000 in start-up funding through the Philadelphia Regional Final of the University of Delaware’s Diamond Challenge Social Venture Competition.

Chase, Tho and Shadira presented their social venture idea of creating “Green Flow” a process which connects urban areas to healthier food options.  As Tho Tran states:  “The mission of Green Flow is to be a culturally relevant determinant of health for young people in Philadelphia.”

The University of Delaware’s Social Venture competition focuses on the development of new, social impact models that may include revenue-generating nonprofit organizations and mission-driven, for-profit ventures. Students compete by pitching their ideas either in person or by submitting a video pitch.

UpLift, to strengthen, heal & inspire; is a national consultancy that supports food businesses, governments, nonprofits, healthcare systems and more to create access to food, access to healthcare and access to capital in underserved communities.

Mercy Career & Technical High School is a private, urban career and technical high school sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy. Within a 21st century learning environment, we provide a Catholic education and a comprehensive, academic, career and technical school experience which prepares students for the workforce and/or post-secondary education

In the Mercy tradition, we live the Gospel in word and action and promote service to others. The Mercy Career & Technical High School graduate is a highly competent, compassionate, contributing member of the global community.

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