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Today, we are exposed to nutrition information on TV, in the newspaper, and from family and friends. It can become overwhelming to determine what is fact and fiction. “Registered dietitians — RDs — are the food and nutrition experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living.” 1 The registered dietitian credential differentiates those that have completed years of education and training, from those that call themselves “nutritionists” and have not.

Health Solutions is bringing these food and nutrition experts directly into the community. They will offer free wellness services through an innovative health program. Our goal is to provide quality care to neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area with support from Uplift solutions and AARP Foundation. The Health Solutions dietitians are currently located at the ShopRite of Cheltenham Square and Fox Street in Philadelphia.

Health Solutions retail dietitians provide customers with complementary services such as one-on-one consultations, grocery store tours, diabetes classes and support groups, weight management classes, cooking classes and health screenings. Dietitians also provide nutrition education to community organizations such as retirement homes, gyms, schools, churches, and more. As a partnership with our in-store pharmacist, we offer coordinated care, free immunizations and free select generic diabetes medications.

Individual Counseling

Our dietitians provide tailored individual advice by getting to know the person, their eating habits, health conditions, and desired state of health. Initial counseling sessions focus on how to increase the client's understanding of their health condition and skill development such as label reading and menu planning. Your current eating habits will be reviewed and you will work with a dietitian to create a plan to make positive changes. Dietitians then help you craft personalized goals to meet your health and wellness needs. Follow-up visits focus on maintenance, monitoring progress, and setting new goals if applicable.

Health Conditions

Are you unsure of what foods to eat for your health condition? Health Solutions dietitians can focus counseling sessions on a variety of health conditions such as food allergies, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, prediabetes and diabetes. We can help you understand how to improve your health condition with food and lifestyle changes.

Weight Loss

Many individuals seek dietitians for help with weight loss or maintenance. While fad diets may seem like the way to go, they are not sustainable long-term. Dietitians provide safe and effective tools to lose weight such as meal planning, portion control, recipe revamps and mindful eating. 2

Contact us to schedule a free one-on- one consultation or to sign-up for one of our events!

Registered Dietitians:
Anita Anim, MPH, RD, LDN
Cheltenham Square
241 Cheltenham Ave, Wyncote, PA 19150
856-631- 3722

Danielle Sanislow, RD, LDN
Fox Street
Fox St & Roberts Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129
856-473- 5999


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