QLife, a program of UpLift Solutions in collaboration with AARP Foundation provides access to professional health services and benefits services within high traffic retail environments. The program creates access to nutrition support and education through the placement of nutritionist or dieticians within supermarkets, with...


Project Starts on 1 June 2015

Within underserved areas and food deserts often present lack of access to healthcare and also a large amount of chronic disease. In keeping with our mission to bring entrepreneurial solutions to underserved communities we created the brand QCare, a health care clinic co-located within...

Sustainable Food Systems

Past Project

UpLift Solutions Sustainable Food Systems division develops innovative operational strategies and smart public incentives to bring food businesses to underserved communities, which in turn generates economic opportunities in addition to increasing access to healthy food.

Health Innovations

Project Starts on 10 May 2016

At UpLift Solutions we work to provide not only clinics but also wrap around and holistic health services in our stores. We place dieticians, nutritionists, community health resource navigators, benefits access counselors and more in our stores that we use to support the health...

Financial Services

Past Project

Healthy food financing projects have a good Return on Invest (ROI) for society because they result in economic development and disease reduction by focusing on prevention rather than treatment. Supermarkets in food desert areas have been shown to lead to improved diets and decreases...