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Food deserts are areas without grocery stores that sell fresh produce and healthy food options; and low-income populations living on tight budgets. These food deserts come hand in hand with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other nutrition-related diseases.   Limited food access demands reliance on fast food and corner stores, which often sell processed food, that contains few nutrients.

Uplift provides a patient-centered team that moves beyond sick care and into  total care for health and prevention.  The grocery store provides food access, but also creates a unique learning environment and social connectivity.  Commitment to community immersion provides the team understanding to connect participants to resources far beyond a typical medical check-in.  The results are a real and sustainable impact to population health.  A family shopping in a food desert often produces sickness for generations.  Providing food access is step one, but research shows it alone does not produce a change in behavior.   Shift the same family to an empowering, educational, health solutions grocery site and the impact improves food security and health.

Uplift connects the community to an in-store suite of health services.  The care team includes health participants, a Registered Dietitian, Nurse Practitioner or Doctor, Family Pharmacist, Medical Assistant and Community resource counselors.

  • Health clinics offer affordable quality care with walk-in convenience (including primary care sites)
  • Dietitians provide individualized client nutrition counseling at no cost to participants, personal shopping tours, diabetes classes, screenings and education on how to shop and cook food to get the most nutrition for the lowest cost.   
  • Community resource counselors help participants sign up for SNAP, Medicaid or other benefits to help ease financial burdens.
  • Family Pharmacists guide participants through an often-complex list of medications. Uplift in partnership with grocery pharmacies offer free diabetes medication* and low cost generics.
  • Uplift communicates: whether participants connect through our app, website, social media or an in-person handshake, we are there to encourage healthy choices through community.  
  • Uplift Care Teams are built on trusted relationships, that guide families from one step of health to the next, overcoming obstacles together.  Care teams are accessible and always there when families need them.
Point of Contact:
Victoria Della Rocca, Director of Health Innovations

Uplift Health Solution Business Services Include:

  • Health Suite Development within retail sites with modular deployment
  • In-Store wellness programming: classes, screening, demonstrations.
  • Community Engagement and Strategic partnerships
  • Application Assistance for Public Benefits
  • Direct management of care team with a sustainable program model driven by impact data.
  • Health team liaison to the grocery retailer.
  • Corporate wellness programs for retail employees

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