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Financial Services

UpLift Solutions Financial Services division provides access to capital in underserved communities to operators and developers to support hard to fund projects. UpLift’s mission is delivering entrepreneurial solutions that support underserved communities for the joy of a healthy life.

In addition to providing development services, UpLift Solutions is committed to serving the target market of low-income communities nationwide by offering flexible capital to assist grocers in overcoming barriers to operating in low-income communities, resulting in greater access to healthy food, jobs, and economic development.

UpLift also supports related businesses, such as health clinics located inside supermarkets, retail food distribution centers, or retail food service businesses.

As a mission-driven lender, UpLift will also analyze social criteria to evaluate the potential social impact related to each financing request. While social impact will fall across a spectrum of categories, the following factors should be assessed in order to foster transactions with the highest impact potential relative to financial risk:




  • Severely Distressed Areas: A project may have larger positive social impact by facilitating other economic development or business opportunities.
  • Food Access: A project located within a USDA food desert or Policy Map designated Low Supermarket Access area adds positive social impact.
  • Fresh Food: A high percentage of fresh product and quality of fresh merchandising adds positive social impact.
  • Job Creation: For traditional food access deals, projects that create one job for every $35,000 invested would be seen as high impact.
  • Quality of Jobs Created: While number of jobs is an important measure, job quality should be analyzed as well. Factors such as pay scale, local hiring part time vs. full time, potential for advancement, and access to benefits should be reviewed.

Additional Services: Additional services provided in-store, such as healthcare clinics, financial services, and nutrition education, add positive social impact.
Environmentally Sustainable: Sustainable business practices, such as waste diversion and energy efficiency, add positive social impact.
In line with the financial and mission credit philosophy described above, UpLift will view loan requests as either desirable or undesirable and will avoid those loans or projects considered undesirable.

Other Services:
Affordable loans to support sustainable supermarket development
Financing of in-store QCare clinics
Securing New Market Tax Credit Allocations
Development of affordable in-store credit unions or financial institutions
Pro Forma Review
Technical Assistance on Store Financing
New Markets Tax Credit
Other Public Incentives
Local Tax Abatement Programs
Healthy Food Financing Funds
CDFI Flexible Financing

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