Healthy food financing projects have a good Return on Investment (ROI) for society because they result in economic development and disease reduction by focusing on prevention rather than treatment. Supermarkets in food desert areas have been shown to lead to improved diets and decreases in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses. They also lead to the creation of jobs, increased tax revenues, and increased real estate values while attracting other businesses to open in the area. This holistic model of community development through a sustainable, innovative supermarket is a solution to food desert problems that supports underserved communities.

Although the impacts of increased supermarkets in food desert areas are overwhelmingly positive, this work is not easy. Many of the issues that affect urban food desert communities make it difficult for grocery stores to operate profitably within those neighborhoods due to what we have come to call the “Grocer’s Gap”. Uplift Finance Solutions addresses some of these issues by working with store owners to develop entrepreneurial solutions to bring down costs or increase revenues without reducing quality or increasing price. We also help to bridge this financing gap and build successful supermarkets by offering financial services uniquely tailored for the food retail industry.

Point of Contact:
Ron Berman, Chief Financial & Chief Credit Officer

These services include:

  • Affordable loans to support sustainable supermarket development
  • Financing of in-store Health Solutions clinics
  • Securing New Market Tax Credit Allocations
  • Development of affordable in-store credit unions or financial institutions
  • Pro Forma Review and Technical Assistance on Store Financing
  • New Markets Tax Credit
  • Other Public Incentives
  • Local Tax Abatement Programs
  • Healthy Food Financing Funds
  • CDFI Flexible Financing

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