Colored Foods Matter: Five Creative, Fresh Ways to use the color red to stay healthy.


-Berry melon bruschetta

-Turkey burgers with grilled watermelon

-Infused watermelon water

-Watermelon salsa w/mint and feta

-Greek yogurt and watermelon salad dressing

Benefits of Watermelon:

-Great source of Potassium, Magnesium, and Thiamine

-Has zero saturated fat, zero cholesterol, and zero sodium in a standard serving

-92% of watermelon is comprised of water; fantastic way to increase your water intake

-L-Citrulline (an amino acid within watermelon) helps to maintain blood flow in the heart

-Tasty in smoothies, fruit salads, yogurt parfaits, and cupcakes

-Its sweet taste makes it an easy, healthy dessert alternative

Fun Facts about Watermelon

-Makes delicious grilled kabobs

-Africa’s Kalahari Desert is watermelon’s place of origin

-American’s consume watermelon more than any other melon

-One watermelon can feed 3-dozen people

-Available year round

As you can see, watermelon can be used simply as an ingredient in a fresh fruit salad or as something more complex like a watermelon-based cupcake. This summer, I urge you to try a new recipe adding watermelon into it—whether it is integrated into your 4th of July cookout in a grilled watermelon burger or into your daily smoothie. Watermelon is a wonderful way to satisfy your sugar cravings and not feel guilty about it. For more kid/family-friendly recipes staring watermelon, visit Enjoy!

Ashley Benton– UpLift Solutions Summer Intern

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