Our executive director, Atif Bostic, was recently mentioned in a article published by AARP. The article dealt with the struggle for an increasing amount of older Americans to find sources for healthy, affordable food. Check out this excerpt, as well as a link to the full article below:

New allies in the fight against hunger come from the health care industry, government agencies and nonprofits like AARP and AARP Foundation. And they’re joined by members of the agricultural food chain, from farmers to major supermarket chains. Atif Bostic, executive director of the nonprofit Uplift Solutions, which helps grocery stores open in low-income areas, says such collaborations are win-win. “The customers have access to healthy, affordable food and the store becomes an essential, profitable part of the community.”

Ryerson adds: “Let’s widen the circle of collaboration to identify and carry out real solutions. This is a land of plenty — no one should have to go hungry.”

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