Why your next hire should be an ex-convict

It’s not a qualification most businesses have in mind, but some companies are seeing big time value in hiring men and women who were once behind bars.

Uplift Workforce Solutions is a program designed to provide training and employment opportunities for re-entering citizens in and around Philadelphia to successfully reintegrate.  The program focuses on developing both hard and soft skills of the re-entering citizens; whereas, each participant that successfully completes the six-week classroom portion of the program will be directly hired by a partner employer.

“Searching for a job with a criminal record is overwhelming and finding employment is one of the greatest barriers to successful reintegration.  A good job is key to keeping people from returning to prison.”-Barry Johnson, Workforce Director.

One of Uplift’s hiring partners is Brown’s Superstore.  The President and CEO of Brown’s Superstores, Jeff Brown has promised to hire every graduate. “You need an extraordinary amount of motivation to pull yourself up from being a felon because of these obstacles,” he said. “Right off the bat, you can see a person who needs to do it, who must do it, verses one who is indifferent. The story of someone who is going to be successful is that the reason they need to be successful is beyond themselves. It’s family, children, setting an example for their kids, supporting their spouses, often a belief in a higher power.”

Still skeptical about hiring formally incarcerated?   Here’s more incentive.

-Research shows that re-entering citizens are loyal employees.  After having doors closed, you open yours and they will look out for you because you gave them a chance.

-They are being trained and come to you with a valuable skill.  The training teaches soft skills which includes discipline and hard work.

-Finding a job out of prison is not easy for them…once they are hired they are motivated to be a long-term employee and tend to be the employees who get promoted first. They value the chance you gave them and will stay with you longer.

-Finally, hire formally incarcerated men and women you may qualify for tax incentive that will go to your bottom line.

One Workforce Cohort said it best when she spoke at a recent graduation.  “Because of you, because you opened doors for us, we respect that…and we are grateful to you. I’m going to say this to you — we’re going to make you proud.”

The Workforce Solutions program is a six-week training program that provides life skills, job readiness, and technical training to re-entering citizens.  In the first four weeks of training, participants develop the skills necessary to self-evaluate and become self-aware; how to effectively work with others; how to effectively resolve conflict; and how to provide exceptional customer service and sales.  During this time, participants can roleplay the new behaviors.

Uplift Executive Director, Atif Bostic- “We are creating opportunities where they don’t exist.    It’s not about second chances.  It’s about creating opportunities where they don’t exist. We want people who will be good employees.  We are giving people a chance at living the American dream.”

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Westville, NJ August 8, 2017–Uplift is working to eliminate a food desert in Waterloo, Iowa.   Local developer, Rodney Anderson received a unanimous approval from the City Council to move ahead with a plan to build a supermarket in the Walnut neighborhood.  A locally owned and run supermarket is the vision of developer, Rodney Anderson who was born and raised in Waterloo.  The 26,000-square foot supermarket will bring health food access to a neighborhood who has not had a grocery store in over a decade.

What is now an empty lot in a community without food access, will soon be a supermarket full of fresh and healthy food which will be in walking distance for many in the in the Walnut neighborhood.  The supermarket will bring up to 80 jobs to the community.  Uplift, a national nonprofit with expertise in developing supermarkets in underserviced communities is a partner on the project.

We are thrilled to be working in Waterloo with Mr. Anderson.  A supermarket does more than sell food.  It also builds up a community and can become an anchor to fulling community needs and ensure consistent access to fresh and affordable health food.”-Atif Bostic, Uplift’s Executive Director      

Uplift is working with Central Holdings, LLC, to obtain federal, state, and local incentives to create a financing package that benefits all stakeholders involved.  In addition, Uplift is working to develop tan overall business plan and technical assistance package to secure a successful supermarket business in the Waterloo community.  These services include but are not limited to community engagement, marketing support, and vetting and hiring a General Manager for the store.

Uplift, to strengthen, heal & inspire; is a national consultancy that supports food businesses, governments, nonprofits, healthcare systems and more to create access to food, access to healthcare, access to capital and access to jobs in underserved communities.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Audrey Fish at 856.471.2008 or email at Audrey.fish@upliftsolutions.org.

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Fox Chase Cancer Center/Flyer’s Wives Mobile Screening Unit partners with ShopRite Supermarket.


Westville, NJ August 2, 2017–ShopRite Supermarkets operated by the Brown family, Fox Chase Cancer Center/Flyer’s Wives, The Family Practice and Counseling Network, Susan G. Komen, and Uplift Health Solutions will host a Mobile Mammography Screening event on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

Fox Chase Cancer Center, in partnership with the Flyers Wives, has a Mobile Screening Unit (MSU) that brings screenings right into the community.  On August 16th, the (MSU) will be located outside of ShopRite at Fox St & Roberts Ave. in Philadelphia, with appointments starting at 10am.  Space is limited and appointments must be made before the event. There will be no walk-in appointments.

Women must obtain a prescription from their primary care provider and call Uplift at 856-471-2008 to schedule an appointment.  They can also get a prescription by walking in at the Fast Care Health Clinic, located inside the ShopRite at Fox Street & Roberts Ave. in Philadelphia, or by calling 267.597.3610.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for women to get their annual mammogram, which is recommended for women age 40 years and older. This event brings the screening unit right to them which makes it easier and more convenient for our customers and we are offering them at no charge for clients who do not have insurance.” —Sandy Brown, In-Store Branding and Media Relations Director, Brown’s Super Stores.

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Uplift, to strengthen, heal & inspire; is a national consultancy that supports food businesses, governments, nonprofits, healthcare systems and more to create access to food, access to healthcare and access to capital in underserved communities.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Audrey Fish at 856.471.2008 or email at Audrey.fish@upliftsolutions.org.

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