Founded in 2009 with a mission of, delivering entrepreneurial solutions that support underserved communities, Uplift works to support food businesses, local governments, and nonprofits in creating sustainable access to fresh and healthy food, nutrition education, and health care in underserved communities.

Uplift believes, full-service supermarkets in underprivileged communities can become the cornerstone to fulfill a multitude of community needs.  To actualize this belief, Uplift takes a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging its four program areas to deliver new supermarkets creating access to fresh and healthy food; preserve existing supermarkets to maintain access to fresh and health food; develop new health clinics to create access to preventative and restorative health care services; and collocate wraparound services to provide access to nutrition education and public benefits.  The four program areas representing this work are: Sustainable Food Solutions, Health Solutions, Financial Solutions, and Workforce Solutions.

As the place where people choose the products that will affect their nutrition and health, a supermarket is an ideal location to provide health services.  Our Health Solutions division includes health clinics and Health Solutions wraparound health services and has made a different in underserved communities.

Consumers living in underserved communities have little or no access to health care, health and nutrition education, and public benefits.  Where access is available, the process to access information, services and benefits tend to be cumbersome, convoluted, and in most cases divorced from one another.  The problem is further exacerbated by mobility constraints related to the high dependence on public transportation.

It’s these restrictions that have resulted in an epidemic of health-related issues.  Increased cases of diabetes and hypertension have plagued low-income communities ultimately leading to shorter life expectancies. Uplift provides health care, health and nutrition education, sign up for public benefits including SNAP, LiHeap, Medicaid, Medicare-all located in one location-one place-their local supermarket.

Since 2015, the number of clients have increased 166% and we’ve seen an increase in the total interaction from shoppers 239%.  This demonstrates that since Uplift Health Solutions implementation, there is a significant increase in the number of shoppers that are seeing dietitians.  Working within the environment, Health Solutions has created opportunities for cultural shift form clients, associates and the grocery environment.